Podcast: It’s Getting Incredibly Hard to Find Yield – Why We Need More Innovative Products with Paul Tyler

July 20, 2021

Paul Tyler is Chief Marketing Officer for Nassau Re, a 5-year old company driving innovation and new partners in the heart of the Insurance capital Hartford.

ReImagine! was designed to bring insurtech to Hartford and create new jobs. Nassau is focused on re-shaping retirement advice and services. They will soon be releasing a map of the 100-companies driving innovation and change in the space.

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Paul sees room for more innovative products, for example focusing more on how long people live that returns, or managing their decumulation of assets. The lines between the traditional life stages have blurred as people prioritize quality-of-life over the goal of retirement.

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Ashley SaundersPodcast: It’s Getting Incredibly Hard to Find Yield – Why We Need More Innovative Products with Paul Tyler
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ONWARD Ep. 1 Special Guests: Paul Tyler, of Nassau Financial Group & Laura Dinan Haber of Nassau Re/Imagine

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What effect has the pandemic had on our industry and the community in which we live, work, and play? Check out our ONWARD series, featuring interviews with Sentry Commercial’s Curt Gemme at The REC where he speaks with industry experts and discusses how they are moving upward and ONWARD!

On our first episode, Curt speaks with Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer of Nassau Financial Group, and Laura Dinan Haber, Innovation Manager of Nassau RE Imagine. During this session, Curt and Paul discuss their meeting at Nassau’s headquarters in Hartford back in March 2020, and how Imaging/RE’s startup community was fueling our business community. ONWARD we go! We are back, Nassau/RE is back. Tune in and see what they have to say about their program and the return to Hartford.

Ashley SaundersONWARD Ep. 1 Special Guests: Paul Tyler, of Nassau Financial Group & Laura Dinan Haber of Nassau Re/Imagine
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The Future of E-commerce and The Contents of Our New Wallets

By Paul Tyler, April 22, 2021

A recently-released report from Adobe’s e-commerce division shows that the pandemic helped increase online sales nearly $190 million between March 2020 and this February. The headline-grabbing prediction of the first $1 trillion e-commerce year in 2022 should have sent e-commerce stocks soaring, but it didn’t. What happened here?

A great case in point is Affirm Holdings (AFRM: Nasdaq) led by a former founder of PayPal (PYPL: Nasdaq), Max Levchin. Affirm reached a high in February, but has dropped 40% since then, primarily on the basis of weaker reported sales.

Affirm’s entire business model challenges the notion of how our future wallets may look. How we pay for transactions has been driven historically by which card falls out of a wallet first. The decision to pull out cash, a debit card, or a credit card has not always reflected a rational consumer choice…

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Nicholas BreniaThe Future of E-commerce and The Contents of Our New Wallets
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Nassau Re/Imagine Receives Honorable Mention In the 2021 CT Entrepreneur Awards

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The Connecticut Entrepreneur Awards announced an impressive array of 25 category winners, along with 67 runners-up, during the 2021 Connecticut Entrepreneur Awards, which were presented during a virtual awards ceremony that highlighted the accelerating growth of the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The 5th Annual event celebrated Connecticut’s leading entrepreneurs, ventures, and the varied ecosystem elements throughout the state that support and encourage them. The awards ceremony highlighted businesses, organizations, and individuals from communities all across Connecticut, pursuing business opportunities across many sectors and industries.

Announcement of the winners followed an afternoon virtual expo and interactive product demonstrations, concurrent sessions, and panel discussions, in addition to the results of the public voting and judge’s choices.  There were 15 Community Voting category winners and 9 Judges Selection category winners announced, along with honorable mention recipients. There were a total of 225 individuals, businesses, and organizations selected as finalists earlier this year, drawn from 434 nominations.

“The caliber of this year’s nominees was phenomenal. Collectively, those selected as winners in their categories, those earning Honorable Mention, and all the finalists, have a strong impact on our state and its communities,” said CT Entrepreneur Awards founder Bill Kenney.  “Despite the obstacles of the past year, Connecticut’s entrepreneurial community showed tremendous resilience and ingenuity.  These enterprises and initiatives are driving entrepreneurship and economic independence throughout Connecticut.”

Ashley SaundersNassau Re/Imagine Receives Honorable Mention In the 2021 CT Entrepreneur Awards
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Do young investors need to fear ‘dismal’ returns? Not if they make 3 smart moves, experts say

By Bryan Ermey, April 9, 2021

….Don’t swing for the fences

If you’re worried that you may be facing muted returns in the coming years, it may be tempting to make big bets on risky assets in the hopes that the wager pays off, rather than sitting around and watching paltry returns roll in.

“Do I think that putting money in the bank, clipping coupons, and buying bonds is how this generation will build wealth? No,” says Paul Tyler, chief marketing officer at Nassau Financial Group. But neither will piling into volatile investments, he says: “Swinging for the fences is never a winning strategy in personal financial management.”

He recommends taking a diversified approach and owning a broad mix of assets that will behave differently in different market environments. That could include traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, as well as nontraditional assets such as cryptocurrency. “You cannot at this point in time ignore digital currency, which has all the hallmarks of being an important part of our economy going forward,” he says. “Not going to put 50% of your portfolio in there. Maybe it’s 2.5% in some of these alternative assets.”

The youngest generation of investors has the advantage of understanding what sorts of companies and technologies have the power to disrupt the established order of things, says Herried, whether it’s alternative currencies such as bitcoin, or cutting-edge tech companies such as Roblox. He recommends that young investors establish a core portfolio of diversified mutual funds or ETFs before branching out with a smaller chunk of assets designated for investing in businesses with potential to pay off big down the line.

“Gen Zers have the time horizon to explore some of these investments,” he says. “If they make a mistake on one stock, there’s plenty of time to recover.”

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Nicholas BreniaDo young investors need to fear ‘dismal’ returns? Not if they make 3 smart moves, experts say
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COVID -19 Disrupts Hartford’s Efforts to Become Startup Magnet

By Sean Teehan, April 5, 2021

Disruption is a common theme in the tech industry.

And that’s precisely the impact COVID-19 has had on Hartford’s fledgling efforts to develop a startup ecosystem — particularly on accelerator programs that have brought dozens of early-stage companies to the city in recent years with hopes they will stay and grow here.

…“We started our program saying, ‘come to Hartford, you can bump into an actuary in the coffee shop, you can ride the elevator up and meet all these people,’ ” Tyler said. “Well guess what? They’re not here [right now].”

For the rest of at least this year, Tyler said Nassau Re/Imagine will likely focus more on working with startups remotely and connecting them to companies in Hartford.

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Nicholas BreniaCOVID -19 Disrupts Hartford’s Efforts to Become Startup Magnet
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W&L’s Vic Ricciardi Talks Behavioral Finance on Podcast

By Madeline Bussett ‘21, March 4, 2021

Victor Ricciardi, visiting assistant professor of finance at Washington and Lee University, served as an expert panelist on behavioral finance and retirement planning for the podcast “That Annuity Show” earlier this year.

The show’s title was “Building a Vision of a Better Future Self in a Very Stressed World.” In the episode, panelists discussed what they already know from the study of behavioral finance and applied their knowledge to a “post-COVID world.” Ricciardi and the other panelists discussed creating new positive visions for retirement using conventional approaches despite the challenge created by a socially distant environment.

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For more information on the Reimagininge Retirement Forum hosted by Nassau Re/Imagine, visit

Ashley SaundersW&L’s Vic Ricciardi Talks Behavioral Finance on Podcast
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Insurance Industry Locations: Shaping The New World Of Insurance

By BF Staff December 30, 2020

… With access to resources and key players in the industry, Hartford is well-positioned as an InsurTech hub. “The concentration of insurance companies in Hartford and Connecticut makes a strong case for startups seeking partners with our local insurers and for companies looking to expand into a market that fully understands the new world of insurance,” says Nassau Chief Marketing Officer Paul Tyler.

Seasoned, growing and early-stage InsurTech companies recognize Hartford as an innovation hub and want to locate their businesses in the Hartford Region. According to Launc[H]artford, over the past three years the region has fostered nearly 800 entrepreneurs and helped or scaled up more than 200 businesses.

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Ashley SaundersInsurance Industry Locations: Shaping The New World Of Insurance
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Why so low? Fintech continues to see lack of female founders


But there are signs of improvement for female-led startups

The number of female founders at fintechs globally remains low at 7% while the amount of funding has risen slightly from venture capital firms and support from incubators.

Nassau Re/Imagine, an incubator, is funded by the Nassau Financial Group to help female fintech founders by making introductions to investors, providing free office space, helping with marketing and event support and hosting podcasts with female founders. It has worked with ClaimSpace, an Australian claims filing startup that received a $1 million seed investment for its U.S. operations and Udotest, which was founded by CEO Allison Martin, and provides numerous in-home diagnostic tests to avoid visiting the doctor.

“We curate opportunities that bring together investors with insurtechs,” said Laura Dinan Haber, innovation program manager at Nassau Financial Group in Hartford, Conn. “When a trusted source makes an introduction, we find that meetings are taken and progress is made. Raising capital is difficult, being female should not make it harder.”

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Ashley SaundersWhy so low? Fintech continues to see lack of female founders
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Symetra Partners with Nassau Re/Imagine Insurtech Incubator

BELLEVUE, Wash. & HARTFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Symetra Life Insurance Company today announced a partnership with the Nassau Re/Imagine insurtech incubator based in Hartford, Connecticut, that will tap the creative and developmental opportunities in the region’s deep insurance industry talent pipeline. The program currently supports 19 startups focused on solving critical problems for the life, annuity, reinsurance, and property & casualty sectors.

“At Symetra, part of our strategic focus is seeking out opportunities that empower the future as we transform our business to better meet evolving customer needs across all of our business lines,” said Harry Monti, executive vice president, Benefits Division, who will join the Nassau Re/Imagine advisory board. “We like the inclusive, community-focused approach the Nassau Re/Imagine team has embraced to build their program. Our partnership gives our Enfield, Connecticut-based employees greater access to Hartford’s vibrant innovation network, multiple brainstorming events and the kind of collaborative environment that can fuel viable business ideas.”

The Nassau Re/Imagine partnership expands Symetra’s footprint in the insurtech accelerator/incubator space. Through parent company Sumitomo Life, it is a participant in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California.

Nassau Re/Imagine formally launched its program in early 2019. It actively supports individuals and teams committed to building a vibrant insurtech ecosystem within the Greater Hartford community. In return, the program provides business resources, access to potential clients, support for product commercialization, and introductions to investors. The support network includes insurance carriers, technology companies, academic institutions and professional service firms with a strong presence in the community.

“We have highly valued the time, energy and support from the leadership team at Symetra. We’re thrilled to have the organization increase their support and add formal resources to our efforts,” said Paul Tyler, head of Nassau Re/Imagine and Chief Marketing Officer at Nassau.

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Ashley SaundersSymetra Partners with Nassau Re/Imagine Insurtech Incubator
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