The Re/Imagine Podcast

Eugeny Prudchyenko

074 Transform Your Everyday Spending into Retirement Savings with EvoShare

Enabling people to save today for their future self... ...
Patrick and Rory McGloin

073 The Art of Effective Storytelling with Patrick and Rory McGloin

To effectively communicate, you need to connect with... ...
Promoting Talent Podcast Crew Headshots

069 Promoting Hartford Talent Across the Globe: Insurtech Fellows Program

In this episode, we discuss promoting Hartford's talent across the globe.... ...
Sarah Bodley

068 Fostering Social Impact in Hartford’s Business Community

Learn how Hartford's first accelerator program continues to support... ...
Erin Kenney and Bob Weissbourd

067 Hartford’s Innovation Story: Community and Economic Engagement

RW Ventures and Mass Economics recently prepared a report... ...
Keren Etkin

064 Why We Need Age Tech: Keren Etkin, The Gerontechnologist

In the episode we explore why is tech for older adults is more important now than... ...

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